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With the ever-growing challenges in the modern business era, keeping pace with the increasing need for technological advancement and artificial intelligence is of utmost importance. However, it is widely agreed upon that emotional intelligence, social aptitude, and a deeper sense of purpose with value-based living continue to play vital roles in laying the foundation for individuals who can be assets to society and organizations.

We belong to an era of mental yoga, and we are delighted to introduce a powerful tool that serves as yoga for our brain—Graphology.

Graphology is a science that enables us to understand, evaluate, and decode personality traits purely based on an individual's handwriting.

Believe it or not, graphology is an ancient science. The first book on handwriting analysis was written in 1652 by an Italian author named Camilo Baldo, a professor of medicine and psychology at Bologne University in Spain. The use of handwriting analysis to decipher human characters is even mentioned in Dasbodh, a work written by Samarth Ramdas Swami, a Hindu saint from Maharashtra, in 1654.

Handwriting is essentially brainwriting, a reflection of our neuro-muscular movements. It reveals our behavioral patterns and thought processes, our personality!

Personality assessment is conducted based on the science of graphology, and the necessary corrections are made through a scientific process called Graphotherapy. As a scientific discipline, graphology can be learned. We are proud to share that the authors, Mr. Pradeep S. Kirpalani and Miss. Shweta A. Gupta, are world-renowned professionals who have trained over 11,000 students globally during their extensive years of experience. They have been practicing for 25 and 17 years, respectively in Pune and are the Directors at Renovision Universal Graphology Pvt. Ltd., as well as the founders of Renovision Management Consultants and Write to Shine.

Renovision's team has embraced the challenging role of contributing to nation-building by helping businesses hire the right people. We have a dedicated team spread across various parts of India. We express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Dinesh Kumar Jhajhariya, a Handwriting Analyst, for playing a vital role in bringing his rich experience as a corporate trainer and a mentor to people from diverse backgrounds.

This science is particularly useful and effective for individuals who believe that there is room for improvement in themselves.

Major advantages of Handwriting Analysis from a business owner's perspective.

1. Understanding and Empowering Your Existing Team: - 

Understanding the true caliber and core personality of your existing team members is of utmost importance, which helps enhance productivity. This is where team building can have a paradigm shift as the terms would be formed based on scientific personality profiling along with clearly defined roles.

2. Hiring the Right Candidate: - 

It is crucial to comprehend the genuine character of any individual who joins the organization. When we refer to true character, we encompass values, morals, behavior, ethics, attitude towards coworkers, strengths, weaknesses and family background. Handwriting assessment enables us to scientifically understand these factors and much more, helping the organization avoid hiring detrimental personalities. Furthermore, it allows us to identify any potential criminal tendencies before absorbing an individual, leading to significant cost savings, fraud prevention, and overall organizational well-being.

3. Understanding Your Business Partners/ Directors: - 

As the famous saying goes, "The team is only as strong as its captain", Joining forces with the right minds and personalities in leadership positions is of utmost importance. Handwriting analysis is widely employed today to understand the personalities of top management and influencers within the organization, mitigating probable disappointments and enabling the organization to perform at its full potential.

4. Culture-Based Working: - 

The concept of human resources has evolved, with the HR department now being viewed as the core culture department of the organization. Handwriting analysis can make significant contributions in this domain, as culture stems from the core values and attitudes of the people who become a part of it. By identifying individuals who align with and uphold the organization's culture, we contribute not only to its success but also to the betterment of society at large, fostering an environment free from self-serving interests.

5. Real Growth: - 

Every business aims for profitability and growth, which cannot be achieved without improving the overall productivity, efficiency, and commitment of the entire team. Graphotherapy offers a scientific approach to attaining this objective, allowing for tangible and sustainable growth.

In conclusion, graphology offers a unique and insightful approach to the hiring process for businesses. By leveraging the science of graphology, businesses can make informed hiring decisions that not only save time and money but also prevent fraud and create a positive and successful work atmosphere. Embracing graphology in the hiring process is a step towards building a strong and competent team, leading to long-term growth, success, and a thriving organizational culture.

Graphology would also help in empowering the management team in making the right choices while putting a team together for projects, selecting existing employees for job elevations. Identifying the core competencies of employees before assigning important tasks. It also helps in identifying possible black-sheep in the organisation, making it easier to nip any underlying issues in the bud.

This is a tool that is minimally invasive and yet strong enough to give the desired results.

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