CFO: First 90 Days

Financial Strategy
CFO: First 90 Days

The first 90 days as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) are a crucial period for setting the financial strategy and direction of an organization. Here are some key strategies and considerations for new CFOs during their first 90 days:

1.    Evaluate the current financial landscape: In the first 90 days, the CFO should evaluate the organization's current financial landscape. This involves assessing the financial health of the organization, identifying any areas of concern, and understanding the organization's financial needs and goals.

2.    Develop a financial strategy: Based on the assessment, the CFO should develop a clear financial strategy that aligns with the organization's overall goals and objectives. This involves identifying key financial priorities, potential risks and opportunities, and creating a roadmap for implementing the strategy.

3.    Build a strong financial team: The CFO should focus on building a strong financial team that can support the organization's financial strategy. This may involve hiring new talent, developing the skills of existing team members, or partnering with external vendors and consultants.

4.    Foster a culture of financial discipline: The CFO should foster a culture of financial discipline within the organization, encouraging transparency and accountability in financial reporting and decision-making.

5.    Streamline financial processes: The CFO should identify opportunities to streamline financial processes and improve efficiency. This may involve implementing new technologies or tools to automate manual processes, or revising financial policies and procedures to reduce bureaucracy.

6.    Communicate effectively: Effective communication is critical during the first 90 days, both internally and externally. The CFO should communicate the financial vision and strategy clearly and regularly, and engage with stakeholders to address any concerns or questions.

By focusing on these strategies and considerations, new CFOs can set a strong financial vision and direction for the organization during their first 90 days. It is important for new CFOs to stay informed about emerging financial trends and technologies, and be willing to adapt their strategies as needed to meet the changing needs of the organization. By building a strong financial team, fostering a culture of financial discipline, and streamlining financial processes, new CFOs can drive financial growth and success for the organization.

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